Hybrid playing a portative organ


: Hybrid playing a portative organ

: Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Île-de-France, France
Location type : Library


: 14

: 1314 -1315

: Illumination

: Paper / Parchment

: Gallica

: Bréviaire dominicain à destination royale (Louis X le Hutin), dit de Saint-Louis de Poissy

: BnF, ms. NAL 3255 30r



  • Performer information
    Type: musician

    Genre: imaginary

    Animal: hybrid animal

    Performance-text relation: The tail of the musical hybrid makes “one” with the frame of the illumination. This suggests that the music played by this being encompasses the entire text. The representation of the portable organ in this breviary is justified. Indeed, it symbolizes Western sacred music.

    Posture: Straight bust

    Character quality or function: Hybrid

    Comment: The musician's right hand is placed in the playing position, where a keyboard should have been represented. The left hand is invisible, hidden behind the instrument.

    Instrument information
    Instrument : organ - (Hornbostel-Sachs system: 412.1-8 )
    Body: straight
    Bore: indeterminate
    Bell: no bell
    Playing method: other
    Type of organ: portative
    Bellows: invisible
    Number of pipes: 10
    Number of rows of pipes: 1
    Playing mechanism: invisible
    Keyboard type: indeterminate
    Number of stops keys: invisible