David tuning his harp


: David tuning his harp

: Charleville-Mézières, Grand Est, France
Location type : Bibliothèque

: Belval, Grand Est, France

: 12

: 1101 -1200

: Illumination

: Paper / Parchment

: Initiale

: David jouant de la harpe

11I62(DAVID)33 David as psalmist, as author of the psalms, usually playing the harp
48C7322 harp



  • Performer information
    Type: musician

    Genre: male

    Posture: seated

    Quality: King, biblical character

    Instrument information
    Instrument : harp - (Hornbostel-Sachs system: 322.21 )
    Facture: composed of multiple pieces
    Number of strings: 9
    Playing position: Seated
    Playing method: Plucked
    Plucked: yes
    Column of harp: curved
    Console shape: rounded
    Swan necked: yes
    Soundboard shape: straight
    Placement of pegs: top

Number of performers: 1

Interactions between performers: vegetal rinceau

Function of the sound: engenderment of the letter

Reference to music theory and musical perfection: tuning, divine mathematical law

Source of musical inspiration: vegetal rinceau

Context of the sound: music of the Law, scholarly music

Comment: The decacord implies mathematic law and the divine law of Yahwee. Ps. 144 (143) like the Ps. 1 first stanza. David wrote the psalms and the music generates the letter. The plant is the order and the growth that the Verb takes for the shaping of the world. The animal head of the top of the consol crosses the outline of the letter.

Formal: performer body-instrument, instrument-lettrine

Chromatic: performer body-lettrine, performer clothes-configuration of the image

Comment: The instrument form picks up David's coat. The pattern of the white dots associates the body of David with the blue background on which drops the lettrine. The neck of the animal which prolongs the console of the harp marries the form of the lettrine before crossing it.